5th edition of FIDIMA Forum : online and at Antananarivo.



The International Investors’ Forum for Africa and Madagascar FIDIMA (5th edition) will take place on 29 September, 2023, and free of charge.


FIDIMA is supported by the Parisian office of the Economic Development Board of Mauritius, and the CPPAF.



Program, on Friday, 29. September, 2023



Round-tables – Plenary 




Aim of this 5th FIDIMA Forum, by Saholy Malet, Founder.


With Hery Andrianiandra, journaliste, Forbes Afrique.


9h00-09h15 Why does CANAL + believe in Africa’s potential ?  



09h15-09h25 : Cultural Clues : Understanding Culture before investing.


Onjatiana Razafindrakoto, General Manager of CANAL + MADAGASCAR.


09h25– 09h35 : David Olivaniaina Rakoto, Researcher, University Professor, STOI Madagascar Group.


09h35- 09h40 : Pause.



09h40-09h50 : IT and AI potentialities in Africa .


Wenda Rasoloharinjatovo, CEO of the Laboratoire d’Intelligence Artificielle de Madagascar (LIAM).


09h50- 10h00 : Questions & Answers, with Bertrand du Marais, Head of FIDES forum, member of the French ‘CNIL’ and ‘Conseil d’État’.


10h00– 10h10 : 3.0 iT talents in Africa, the HR war ?


Caroline Meurisse, director of AXIAN UNIVERSITY and ANTANANARIVO 42 Code school.


10h10- 10h20 : Questions & Answers.


10h20-10h30 : Culture, Mankind and AI


Herisata Zoniaina RAJAONISAONA, Expert in HR and general manager of Malagasy firms.

10h30-10h40: Questions & Answers.


10h40 – 10h50 : Presenting her artwork “SENT”, Vidya-Kelie Juganaikloo will discuss her vision of digital space. The artist has been rewarded by Online Prize International for digital contemporary art.




2.00 pm : “Africa’s Startup Day” : a selection of promising projects


Venue : AXIAN University, Galaxy area, and online.


2.00 pm – 2.10 pm : Africa’s best kept secret : impact investment.
By Jean-Philippe Gontier, founder of ‘LES ENTREPRÊTEURS’ platform.


2.10 – 2.20 pm : Malagasy Crowdfunding.

By Harizaka Rakoto, General Managery, NIM ‘Nouvelle Institution Microfinance.’


2.20 – 2.30 Caroline Meurisse, director of AXIAN UNIVERSITY and ANTANANARIVO 42 Code school, together with Carole Rakotondrainibe**, general manager at NextA incubator.




2.30 – 2.50 pm : Introducing Video-Games platform.

By Julien Herbin, founder and Head of Kayfo Games (Senegal).


2.50 – 3.10 pm : Introducing the web-app that connects Malagasy project-holders to international investors and Diasporas’ experts.

By IOWWA / Fidima team.



3.10 – 3.30 pm : Introducing a startup dedicated to recycling waste into energy.



IT Job Fair : free of charge, at Antananarivo.



15h30 – 15h40 : Michael Ratovoson**, Human Resources Manager at Axian Group, and Caroline Meurisse, Head of Axian University and Antananarivo 42, will introduce this part of the forum.


15h40 -15h50 : David Olivaniaina Rakoto, Researcher, University Professor, STOI Madagascar Group.


16h00 : Intervention de Samantha Tiasoa, Founder of Book News, FIDIMA’s digital communication agency partner.


FIDIMA is looking for 100 motivated candidates in order to have them trained to IT “No Code” tools (i.e. to create web-apps, web sites, data scraping, for European firms belonging to FIDIMA’s ecosystem).  


The best candidates may then access to Code or even AI with existing and famous schools.


Access to the Afria’s Startup Day and FIDIMA’s IT Job fair is free and opened to the public, but online registration is compulsory hereafter :



Investment & IT projects. Meetings with investors.


These confidential lmeetings take place  with Mialy Ranaivoson, head of the Association of Malagasy Capital Investors AMIC, and investment manager at I&P Investisseurs et Partenaires. Venues will be communicated only to participants.


Meetings are organized after submitting files and pre-registered fees.






Speakers have 10 minutes to maintain a dynamic and motivating rhythm for the public. This is followed by 10 minutes of Questions & Answers, to get true professional networking. 


All participants agree either to respect the Chatham House Rule (i.e. talks mays be reported outside the Forum, but not the authors of these talks).


Online round-tables’ access is free of charge.


One-to-One Business Meetings take place at Antananarivo under pre-registration and payment of fees.


All information may be get by writing to Ms Saholy Malet, Head of the Fidima Forum : fidima@maletandmalet.com



How to reach us ?


Saholy Malet, President

+33 6 77 64 09 46 or sms : +261 (0)32 80 72 497.


Tiana Rakotomanga, Vice-President

+33(0) 6 50 80 22 56 


Your local contacts :


Mr Lova,

Head of “Organization” in Madagascar 

+261 (0)32 88 238 00



Mr Tsiory,

Head of IT community and Project holders in Madagascar 

+261 (0)34 97 221 07


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