The International Investors’ Forum for Africa and Madagascar FIDIMA (5th edition) will take place at Antananarivo, on 29-30. September, 2023.


Focus will be done on Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Madagascar, the Republic of Mauritius.


FIDIMA is supported by : Canal + and the Parisian office of the Economic Development Board of Mauritius.


Venue : CanalOlympia iarivo, Akoor Digue (1.800 participants are expected).


Friday, 29. September, 2023


ROUND-TABLES PROGRAMME – Plenary (Forum’s area : Ranavalo III)


08h00- 09h00 Welcoming breakfast.


09h00-09h05 Summing-up of the former events, and aims of the 5th edition.

Saholy Malet, founder and president of FIDIMA Forum.


09h05-09h15 Cultural Clues : Understanding Culture before investing..

Onjatiana Razafindrakoto, General Manager of CANAL + MADAGASCAR.


09h15-09h25 : Understanding Panafrican Culture ; How IT has spread accross the Cinema and TV industries

David Mignot, General Manager for Africa, CANAL +.

09h25- 09h40 : Questions & Answers.

09h40- 09h50 : Pause and networking.


09h50-10h00 : IT, AI and Metavers potentialities in Africa .

Mohamed Zoghlami*, Vice-President of the Scientific Board at the French Agency for AI.

10h00- 10h15 : Questions & Answers.

10h15- 10h50 : Pause and networking. 


10h50– 11h00 : Cross-borders- investments (Diasporas’ financing).

Jean-Philipe Gontier, CEO of “LES ENTREPRÊTEURS”, an Equity Crowdfunding platform. – visio-conference.

11h00- 11h15 : Questions & Answers.

11h15- 11h25 : Pause and networking. 


11h25-11h35 : “Africa’s best-kept secret” : Impact investment and IT. 

Mialy Ranaivoson, President, Association Malagasy of Capital Investors AMIC.

11h35-11h50: Questions & Answers.

11h50-12h00 : Pause and networking.


12h00-12h10 : Art, NFT and Metavers : which challenges and issues ?

Vidya-Kelie, artist (Mauritius / Paris) – to be confirmed.

12h10-12h20 : Introducing her lastest creation intitled “Sent”, which will be presented at the Paris Forum for Peace.


12h20-14h00 : Lunch.



HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY & IT ROUND-TABLES & (Forum’s area : Espace Asclepios).


10h15– 10h25 : Healthcare industry and IT : financial challenges in global economies .

Sybille Projetti, diplomat, EMBASSY OF MONACO (Paris).

10h25- 10h40 : Questions & Answers.

10h40-10h50 : Pause and networking.


10h50– 11h00 : IT and Healthcare industry : personal data legal challenges

Bertrand du Marais, French State Counsel, CNIL member, President of FIDES Forum on interactions between Law, Economy and Society. (France).

11h00- 11h15 : Questions & Answers.

11h15-11h45 : Pause and networking.


11h45-11h55 : HealthCare industry and AI : Philosophical issues

CHILDREN HEALTH DEFENCE, headed by Robert Francis Kennedy. (to be confirmed).

11h55- 12h10 : Questions & Answers.

12h10-12h20 : Pause and networking.


12h20-12h30 : Traditional medecine, pharmaceutical industry and IT : XXI century’s challenges

Sybille Projetti, diplomat, EMBASSY OF MONACO (Paris).

12h30– 12h45 : Échanges avec la salle.


12h45- 14h00 : Lunch and Networking. VIP area.







14h00 – 14h10 : A vision : Malagasy’ potentials in the TV and cinema industries.

Onjatiana Razafindrakoto, General Manager, CANAL + MADAGASCAR.

14h10- 14h25 : Questions & Answers.

14h25-14h35 : Pause and networking.


14h35 – 14h45 : Transborders’ investments in Panafrican projects : Blockchain : a secure tool ?

Xavier Lagesse*, Director, DTOS, Île Maurice

Stéphane Prévost-Boyard**, Editor-in-chief at Dalloz, Cyber-risk Referee at the French National Police.

14h45 – 15h00 : Questions & Answers.

15h00-15h10 : Pause and networking.


15h10 – 15h20 : Cryptocurrencies’ economic and ethical challenges

Bertrand du Marais**, member of the French Conseil d’État, French CNIL member, president of FIDES Forum on interactions between Law, Economy and Society. (France).

Stéphane Prévost-Boyard**, Editor-in-chief at Dalloz, Cyber-risk Referee at the French National Police.

15h20-15h35 : Questions & Answers.

15h35-15h45 : Pause and networking.


15h45– 15h55 : Fintechs’ spread in Africa : legal and economic challenges

Heerun Ghurburrun*, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD OF MAURITIUS (Bureau of Paris).

Me François de Senneville**, Partner, Head of Africa’s Desk, FIELDFISHER LLP.

15h55-16h10 : Questions & Answers.


16h10-17h00 : Pause. Networking.




“AFRICA’S STARTUP DAY” : introducing panafrican IT Projects


17h00-17h10 : An initiative from Malagasy Diaspora : the web-app connecting project-holders to investors and international experts.

17h10-17h25 : Questions & Answers.

17h25-17h35 : Pause and networking.


17h35-17h45 : A Sub-Saharan startup using AI and dedicated to waste collection

17h45-18h00 : Questions & Answers.

18h00-18h10 : Pause and networking.


18h10– 18h20 : A Panafrican IT startup dedicated to urban transportation. 

18h20-18h35 : Questions & Answers.

18h35-18h50 : Pause and networking.


19h00 : Concert with famous Malagasy singers. (Venue : CanalOlympia’s external scene).


100 FIDIMA’s VIPs’ dinner.




Samedi 30. September


Visits of Palaces at Antananarivo, and at Ambohimanga’s sacred hill (registered by UNESCO as part of the world heritage.)






Speakers have 10 minutes to maintain a dynamic and motivating rhythm for the public. This is followed by 15 minutes of Questions & Answers, plus 10 minutes to enable participants to get true professional networking. FIDIMA’s themes enhance Culture, Business and legal stability.


All participants agree to respect the Chatham House Rule or to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement NDA.


Round-tables’ access is subject to paid registration. Speakers are chosen among participants,according to their societal views and independent states of mind. Part of FIDIMA’s benefits finance the registered Charity named “Ilafy’s Sacred Hill”, a Partner of FIDIMA which is dedicated to fostering young Malagasy’s entrepreneurs.





230323 VF Prez Kit Communication Sponsoring et Visibilité au Forum FIDIMA


Join us in English, German or French : Saholy Malet and Christophe Deleporte : et +33 6 77 64 09 46 whatsapp.





VIP’S families benefit from a special programme from 30. September to 6. October 2023 (departure on 7. October, i.e a total of 9 days) : this road-trip start from Morondava’s Alley of Baobabs, Kirindy’s national reserve where the smallest Microcebe Lemur in the world is to be found, to Antsirabe and Antananarivo…





We are looking for 100 motivated candidates in order to have them trained to “No Code” IT tools (i.e. in order to set up web-apps, web sites, data scraping, for European firms). This programme is intitled : FIDIMA-IOWWA . Access to this Job fair is free and opened to the public, but online registration is compulsory hereafter :






Saholy Malet and Christophe Deleporte  : et +33 6 77 64 09 46 whatsapp.


 “Organization” Contact in Madagascar : Lova Rakotoniaina : +261 (0)32 88 238 00 whatsapp.


Photos : FIDIMA. Unless specified : All Rights Reserved.


Updated on 16. March, 2023.