Sponsoring FIDIMA’s Forum


The FIDIMA (“Forum International Des Investisseurs à Madagascar et en Afrique” that will take place atdu Antananarivo, on 29. September, 2023, allows your firm to become one of the few Sponsors, with its specific round-tables, and VIP area :


Panafrican Entrepreneurship : Sponsor : IOWWA


Venue : Ranavalo III area (Plenary main room).

Brochure IOWWA.


Transborders’ Corporate and finance firms


Venue : Hermes area.

The Republic of Mauritius, United Arabic Emirates and Kenya : DTOS (to be confirmed).




Transborders’ safety and Artificial Intelligence firms


Venue : Athena area.




Cultural industries (Metavers, cinema, TV, Print, music) and IT


Venue : Ranavalo III area (Plenary main room).


Île Maurice.






Health industry : pharmaceutical industry, traditional pharma in IT firms


Venue : Asclépios area.




The Democratic Republic of Congo (artemesia)**.


Commercial contacts at FIDIMA Forum :


Saholy Malet (French and English-speaking)

et Christophe Deleporte (French and German-speaking) :


fidima@maletandmalet.com and +33 6 77 64 09 46 whatsapp.




Directly taking part to FIDIMA Forum :



Photos : FIDIMA and All Right Reserved.


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